Additive surgical


Additive Surgical was established in 2020 and is the first company in Australia to manufacture ‘Off The Shelf’ 3D Printed Titanium novel spinal implant technologies. The entire Additive Surgical team is dedicated and passionate about manufacturing the highest quality medical technology in Australia that positively impacts the lives of people globally.

We are a dedicated small team based in Adelaide, South Australia and philosophically believe in local innovations creating local solutions for local users.

One of our key principles is deep clinical engagement and really understanding what the clinical team needs to give the best possible patient outcomes.

The range of 3D printed spine implants are what we believe to be the world’s most comprehensive range of Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM) spinal implants, delivering world leading first-generation and second-generation implants and systems.

Titanium 3D printing has revolutionised medical device implant manufacturing. The ability to create intricate geometries that traditional manufacturing technologies were unable to achieve has allowed for targeted porosity that is attractive for bone growth.